Note: DM me on Twitter for my NSFW art account. (Must be 18+, no exception!)


I'm a dude who blabs a lot through the work of drawing, animation, and graphic novel... Like a bard!You can expect to see:

  • Original characters and work.

  • Fanart (Of anime, TV show, game, or other's OC.)

  • Personal short comic about my identity and experience.

  • Occasional graphic design work

  • Useful information that'd help creators or social issues.

  • Silly random stuff.

Note: All of this is safe-for-work only. This does not apply to my NSFW side art account.

Art Information

  • I've been freelancing ever since when I was 14 years old.

  • For illustration and graphic novel work, I switch back and forth between Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint- using their best strengths.

  • For animation, I do 90% of the animated gif work in Adobe Photoshop using Animator's Toolbar Pro add-on. Worth it. Saved my money using a program I can work on fast and effectively.

  • Sometimes, for other animated / video-editing situtation, I may have to use Adobe After Effects to add the pretty stuff or specfic animation, too.

  • Try to fight me, and I'll photoshop you in a cruel manner. (Friends-only)

  • ...Yes, I can draw even if I'm Deaf. You don't need to hear to do art, silly!

  • Please do NOT reproduce, repost, nor claim my work as your work. Depending on how serious this is, I may have to file a claim against you.

Quick Facts about Sakeozo

  • An artist who blabs a lot. (Freelancing Illustration, Animation, & Comic)

  • Based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

  • Deaf, Androgous, Bisexual, Queer, and tired.

  • He/Him -> They/Them -> She/Her

  • INTJ (5w4)

  • ☉ ♓︎ || ☽ ♍︎ || ↗ ♐︎

  • Chaotic Neutral (Chaotic good-leaning.)

  • American Sign Language, English, and French.

  • Studying French and Finnish.

  • I have 3 pet geckos. They're cute little critters.

  • Geckos name are: Atom, Scooter and Lava

  • A foodie!

  • JJBA, radiation, gecko, insect, raw crystal, & psychology enthusiast.

  • Collects succulent + houseplants. Kinda bad at this.

  • Once stuck mom's key in the electrical socket to make a house run.

  • Just wanted his green tea frappe & be praised. <3

  • Trust me, I know random facts.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

✘ ✘ ✘ ✘

♥ Spicy food
♥ Being complimented
♥ Fanart/Giftart/Art of my OCs
♥ Gecko
♥ Psychology
♥ Caterpillar & Moth
♥ Radioactive Stuff
♥ Green Tea Frappe
♥ Succulent + Houseplant
♥ Raw Mineral Gem
♥ Watching Anime
♥ Green color
♥ Mid-2000s/Early2010s Internet
♥ Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Cigarette odor
Incompetent People
Being underestimated
Purity Culture
Most sweet food
Extreme Spiritualism (Mysticism )
Scraping wet paper w/ teeth or nails
Glasses getting dirty
Repeating himself
Being cold


She's the oldest gecko out of all three, her dreamy eyes are very honest. She can be a drama queen sometimes, especially with her separation anxiety from the owner if he isn't home for more than a few days. She may be very fragile from Metabolic Bone Disease but she's one badass gecko.


She's our guard dog. Always on alert, ready to look at you or anything that moves, and she's quite like a puppy-- Personality and appearance-wise.


Unlike the other two girls, who are leopard geckos, he's an African Fat-Tailed gecko. If you watch him walk, it'll be like watching the paint on the wall dry. He's EXTREMELY SHY, and 90% of the time he'd be hiding where you can't see him, tsk.

I am anti-harassment and anti-censorship.Be kind, respectful, safe, and smart. Use the tools to improve on your online experience.

♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥

♥ ❤ MOST LIKE ME ❤ ♥
I STRONGLY relate to them to the point where it feels like you're complimenting me if you praised these characters. Even other people compare me to these characters because of our uncanny similarities.
This is not to be confused with a favorite character.

Rohan Kishibe

At first, I denied friends who compared me to him. But now I accepted Rohan and I are like twins for how extremely similar we are.


On my softer side, I relate to him.

(Extreme fave-- instant serotonin every time!)

(Note: I simp over Mereoleona.)

(Healthy level of favorite)